Amazing scenery! - Land
Where the landscape reveals the origins of the land, and how it was formed by the Sea of Japan.
Nishinoshima was once part of a continent, at the bottom of the sea, and a volcanic island...
Now Nishinoshima is home to surprising discoveries related to the creation of the Earth.
We can learn a lot from Matengai Cliff, one of the largest sea cliffs in Japan and a National Park.
Nishinoshima also features famous Japanese scenic spots, natural monuments, and Kuniga Coast, a national special protection area. Let's go explore this awesome nature now!
We’re here! Beppu Port!
Let’s rent a car and go see the spectacular scenery!
However, the sea level rose, submerging parts of the islands. The result was three separate islands.
Continuing the drive, they eventually arrive at Matengai Cliff.
Matengai Cliff
Kuniga Coast! Tsutenkyo Arch!
You might be in for a wonderful surprise if the sky is clear!
Hey look, a candle!
But, as incredible as this all is, it’s just one tiny part of all that makes Nishinoshima great!