Squid Legend!

Oki-Nishinoshima, where a surprising squid legend awaits!
Nishinoshima, an island where numerous squid appear throughout the year…
And Yurahime shrine, where a deity of the sea is enshrined!
It's time to explore the Legend of Squid Bay, Ika-yose-hama!
Squid are all over this town…
First, to the shrine where the deity of the “Squid Bay Legend” resides…
Look and you might find squid carvings on the lightposts and shrine building!
Ika-yose-hama, Squid Bay!
Is that a wrestling ring?
Ika-yose-hama, Squid Bay!
This is what a local publication has to say.
Large groups of squid swarmed the bay year after year from the Meiji and Taisho eras (late 1860s to 1920s) to the early Showa era (late 1940s).

Children stand in awe!
These doutari squid are huge!