History's Mysteries!

Oki-Nishinoshima, where legends still live on today…
Takuhi Shrine, located in the middle of the caldera terrain, has a mysterious history.
The folklore of Emperor Gotoba, mystery of Emperor Godaigo's exile and the Deanna Festival that no one is allowed to see...
Let's explore these historical mysteries!
The biggest mystery in Nishinoshima:
No one knows exactly where in Oki Emperor Godaigo was exiled to.
Kuroki Gosho (Imperial Residence Site)
It makes sense to think he wrote them while gazing from here, Kuroki Gosho.
Perfect for history fans!
Oki is known as a place of banishment, but remember, this place has had industries and full-fledged culture since ancient times… noble people had everything they needed for a comfortable life here.

Takuhi Shrine
Mt. Takuhi is the highest mountain in the Dozen islands. The shrine is partially inside. It's a tough walk from here. Watch out for mamushi, the poisonous snakes!

And an Important Cultural Property of Japan.
Overlooking this bay is Takuhi Shrine and its great flame. This fire guided the sailors, perhaps like a lighthouse.
There still remain many more legends yet to be revealed …